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Uncertain times demand more efficiency

Financial management has never had a more important role in companies than the current conditions and the constant uncertainty of recent times. 

How do we position our organizations to be even stronger? How do we improve efficiency and better optimize resources to increase our profitability?

The overwhelming operational workload and limited resources require us to only meet the day-to-day business objectives, leaving very little time to work on key improvement initiatives.

4 solutions for different stages
Fundare Performance & Optimization

Through technology and finance, we help large corporations be more competitive, developing and implementing tools and strategies that generate substantial savings and improve their productive and financial efficiency.

Fundare Data and Analytics

We help growing companies to generate the financial information they require for analysis and planning. These indicators allow you to have more clarity of your financial position to make better decisions.

Virtual CFO

Few growing companies can afford to invest in an in-house CFO to assist them in planning and decision making. We provide part-time financial experts to help you monitor, interpret, and improve your financial strategy.

20 years helping companies solve challenges

We are connected with our customers and we live the constant challenges of different industries, therefore, we seek to help them solve their ever-evolving challenges.

Don’t walk the path alone. Let us help you!

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20 years
20 years of experience in
the financial area of different
businesses in various sectors.
Our clients have an
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their assets.

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How to grow your business with limited resources

Why invest in a financial expert in the midst of a crisis? The eternal cycle of the “scarcity trap” in small businesses makes it harder for them to invest in financial advice and knowledge, however, it’s been proven that investing in it leads businesses to higher levels of profitability and growth.

Contrary to popular belief, large corporations are most likely to maintain their dominant positions, while small companies are less likely to grow and be more profitable.

A recent study by Harvard University shows that larger companies perform better and those companies that managed to grow from medium or small to have a dominant position in the market were able to do so by a substantially greater investment in intangible assets.

Based on the study, 90% of companies that do not grow is because due to low investment in intangible assets such as external knowledge that cannot be found within the company.

These investments in consultants or intellectual capital allow them to have an advantageous position and move faster than the rest on issues of efficiency, innovation and scalability. Contrary to common belief, companies that invest mostly in physical fixed assets are less likely to grow.

What better opportunity to invest in intellectual capital than in challenging and shifting times as today?

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