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Finances should be clearer

of companies fail within 10 years.

of companies do not have success for making the wrong financial decisions.
of the companies that apply for
financing are rejected due to
errors in their information.
Financial strategy plays a bigger role.

Times of great challenges make the companies’ competitivity more relevant.

The main challenges for financial leaders of growing companies in these times of change are:

How can I keep a consistent strategy and financial culture in a company that cannot afford a full-fledged financial professional? 

What makes a CFO different?

A CFO is different from the traditional roles of finance departments inside companies. During the early stages, the first roles begin with accounting assistants and accountants and evolve until they have comptrollers and treasurers.

However, the CFO brings to the company a deeper and more strategic perspective on finance. Unbiased by the operation, a CFO can help a company to prepare for the future by helping to identify risks and opportunities, contributing to the optimization of resources.

A valuable resource
for your team

Fundare has an experienced team of financiers who will be an asset to your team, for only a fraction of the cost of having a full-fledged team, not becoming a burden on your payroll.

Their main objective is to contribute their financial experience to planning and making important decisions in the company, generating a consistent financial culture. 

Fundare Virtual CFOs
Experience and financial intelligence in:
The most common topics in which our CFOs participate:

1. Constant search for the efficient use of resources and evaluation of the project’s profitability.

2. Monitoring, interpretation and discussion of the main indicators.

3. Optimal capital structure discussions.

4. Enrichment of the strategy generation process with a financial approach.

We accompany you on the way
More than 500 entrepreneurs advised.
20 years

Of experience in the financial area.

Our clients have an average
of 55% return on their assets.
Focused on improving the
financial indicators and the
cash flow of companies in
the early steps.
Starting to change your finances is very simple
Choose your CFO

Pick the number
of hours

Improve the finances
of your company.

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When should you invest in a CFO?

The answer to this question is very interesting: A virtual or part-time CFO is a key piece for your management team. Imagine being able to have a partner with whom you can discuss the most important decisions of your business without costing you a percentage of shares in your company. Now, imagine that you can have in this same partner an ally to make difficult decisions, define strategies and analyze the most challenging situations in your business before presenting it to other partners, employees and external institutions.

The real question should not be when can you have a CFO, but rather how soon can you benefit with the experience of a financier in your team who, in addition to bringing an external perspective, won’t have any conflict of interest with the decisions made in the company and can tell you the things as they are.

The financial needs pyramid clearly shows how businesses spends more time on transactional and mandatory issues, such as taxes, than on strategic financial issues. However, the further down the pyramid, the more technical knowledge and execution skills are required than a sense of business or experience. Therefore, CFOs are so valuable in larger companies as they are not only the right arm and natural replacement for the CEO, but the role ensures that the projects and decisions do not affect financial viability in the long term.

Fundare allows you to have a CFO since the earliest stages at a fraction of the cost of having a full-time CFO. This partner, in addition to being someone you can trust, will help you to maximize the finances of your company and, above all, quickly bring it to the size in which you can have an official CFO for your company.


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