Know your company's financial position at all times
and stop worrying about your finances

Financial experts at your service to develop the
Indicators that your company needs.

Best Indicators
Best Decisions
Make your business
Finances should be clearer

of companies go
bankrupt within 10 years.


of companies that fail is due to
making decisions without having
their strategic financial information
properly analyzed.


of the companies that request
a loan to expand are rejected
for not having their financial
information organized.

Right decisions at
the right time

In the early stages of companies, financial work is not very strategic as it focuses mainly on complying with tax obligations.

As the company grows, the right decisions must be made in a timely manner, this creates a lot of pressure on its leaders, who regularly lack the necessary strategic financial information, resulting in feelings of frustration and insecurity.

Bad decisions directly affect your bank account, putting your company’s future at risk.

Fundare Strategic Dashboard

A solution that will give you
clarity of your finances.

We sort and reclassify your financial information in a strategic way.

Once we reclassify the main concepts, we generate the most important KPIs to monitor your company, which will allow you to make decisions with non-fiscal strategic information, giving you the security of knowing your financial situation always.

Main variables
to monitor
This information
will help you to:

1. Know where the business is going financially.

2. Know the real profitability that your business is giving you.

3. Have clarity on what actions to take to improve your profitability and efficiency.

4. Have real reports with information for banks and shareholders.

A growing business is not
managed as a large business

We are specialized in improving the performance of growing businesses.

Why does all financial theory say that small businesses should use the same management principles as a large business, but on a smaller scale?

We are entrepreneurs like you, and we experience the same issues as you do. We know that there is a resource constraint in small businesses, and that’s why they require a special way to run a company.

We believe in growing
business because they are
the cornerstone of change

Don’t walk the road alone. Let us help you!

We know that it’s not easy to be at the forefront of a growing company, and we know that external forces have a deeper impact than in a large company, so the decisions we make every day are difficult and require analysis.

We accompany you along the way

More than 500
entrepreneurs advised.

20 years

20 years of experience
in the financial sector.


Our customers have an
average of 55% return
on their assets.


Focused on improving the
financial indicators and the
cash flow of companies in
the early steps.

Starting to change your
finances is very simple

We analyze your operation

We classify your information

Improve your company’s
finances with your dashboard.

Trust of our customers
Why have a different financial performance
system than the one our accountant gives us?

The main cause of low profitability in fast-growing companies is the lack of visibility in their numbers. It is very common that in the early stages of companies’, their financial information is generated by an external accountant. It is a common belief that the way to classify accounting information is standard and does not change. However, there are different types of accounting and when financial information is generated by only one accountant it is very likely to focus on the tax accounting,  which as the name says,  serves to report to the IRS the situation of the company’s operation. Nevertheless, it does not generate the same value or visibility of the financial performance of your company.

There are very few cases in which the tax information is equal to the financial one; even in large corporations there is no standardization of data. Hence, this information cannot be used to make financial and strategic decisions in the company. Investing in generating strategic information and constantly tracking the most important indicators to monitor the health and financial performance of the company is key to maintain an adequate profitability and strengthening a company's growth process.

How does generating the correct information can become valuable to your company?

Harvard University conducted a study on the value of investing in the analysis of information. They analyzed the case of Grupo Financiero Banorte and it was concluded that investing in the analysis of information can achieve returns of up to 200 times the investment.

If it works with a company of that size that already has information, imagine the returns that knowing your financial position can generate in your company.


Boosting your company's
growth through finances.


How to tell your story to
banks and get financing.


Why some businesses
grow and others fail.

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