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Finances should be clearer

of companies fail within 10 years.

of companies do not have success for making the wrong financial decisions.

of the companies that apply for
financing are rejected due to
errors in their information.

In a world of uncertainty liquidity is key

Financing structure is becoming increasingly important in companies. Growing a business and developing new projects require heavy investments that have a short window of time to be successfully completed.

Whether private equity or credit is required, it can be an exhausting process for companies that require access to financing.

77% of financing applications are denied due to errors when presenting them to financial institutions.

The main challenges when applying for financing and capital are:

  • Lengthy, exhausting and redundant practices.
  • Financial institutions speak a different language than businesses.
  • Each financial institution has different interests, depending on the sector.
  • Different products with complex conditions affect the profitability of the projects.
  • Long processing and negotiation times.
Professional Structuring
of financing sources

Make the best financial decisions to make your company succeed.

We help you carry out your growth projects, structuring and obtaining financing under the terms that your company needs.

The right financing strategy

Getting the right financing largely depends on the strategy.

We help our clients to:

  • Carry out a complete analysis of their correct capital/debt structure and their repayment capacity.
  • Choose the right financial institution, based on their sector and type of credit.
  • Present and negotiate their case.
  • Correctly implement their financing.
We know how financial institutions think:

Making the best decisions on financing is key for your company’s future.

Our success is not only based on choosing the right financial institution but also on understanding how bank and investors think. This allows us to help our clients to present their cases in a better way to negotiate better lending conditions.

Types of Financial Solutions

We help you decide witch debt instrument
Match your current needs. We help you structure from standard credits to more specific instruments like “bridge” construction credits.

We work with institutions
Commercial and investment banks, Sofomes, debt funds, Fibras.

And also, markets
Capital markets issues, Bond issues structured as unsecured or securitizations.

Capital instruments for growth through investment funds and investors.

We walk along with you

We’ve helped more than
500 entrepreneurs.

20 years

More than 20 years
of experience in the
Financial sector.


Our clients have an
average of a 55%
return on their assets.

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finances is very simple
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Why use an external financial specialist
to structure my credit?

All growing companies need financial resources to continue growing, a normal process in all businesses regardless of their size; however, finding funding is not an easy task. From choosing the best financial structure for the project to choosing the right institution which we are going to be tied to for a considerable period of time, it can be a tiring task and often without a happy ending.

However, it is very common for large corporations and governments to hire specialized firms to help them define their financial strategy and manage their financing processes. Having an expert allows you not only to save time on paperwork, but also to have the right structure with the right institution. One of the main reasons that investment projects fail is due to not having a proper credit or capital structure for them. Many times, institutions offer you loans on more favorable terms for them and that are not optimal for your business. This happens many times when we present a case that is not solid enough for the bank, therefore, they seeks to take advantage of this situation.

A financial expert can help you obtain better conditions at the financial institution that best fits the needs of your company; this can be the key to a long-term relationship with financing on better terms for your company.


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How to tell your story to
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Why some businesses
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